Guidelines for Artifact Donations


Artifact Donation:

The museum collects artifacts and documents that illuminate the history of Leavenworth County. If you have artifacts or documents that you believe would add to the area's history, please use the donation form to describe the item(s) you wish to donate.

Please tell us about them in the description box. To assist us in our review, please fully describe your proposed donation by including information about its size, condition, content and historical significance.
Please include information such as:
   +What is it?
   +What is its historical significance (Who made it? Who did it belong to? How was it used?)
   +How big is it? (Please provide measured or estimated dimensions in H x w x d)
   +What is its condition (Is it damaged? Is it stained?)

Submit a photograph of the artifact (If possible, please email 1 or 2 images of the item(s) you hope to donate to the Museum)