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History of Women's Suffrage in Leavenworth, Kansas

The History of Women's Suffrage in Leavenworth, Kansas 1867-1920

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Susan B. Anthony is acknowledged as one of the leading activists in the woman’s suffrage movement. She dedicated her life to achieving social reforms in temperance, abolition, and suffrage; journeying across the expanding United States to impassion multitudes to act for those neglected in America’s early Constitution. Often overlooked, Anthony’s ties to Leavenworth inspired her to begin her years of campaigning in the state of Kansas, where the first referendum for woman suffrage in the United States was held in 1867. Then, and in subsequent years, Susan B. Anthony returned to Kansas and Leavenworth to battle for women’s suffrage because she felt that the early pioneers of Kansas were up to the task of fighting and achieving rights for women.

The LCHS’s publication marks the 100th anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment and the sacrifice and dedication of millions of women in the crusade for universal voting rights. This narrative follows the story of the national suffrage movement, interspersed with colorful tales of Leavenworth’s development and the role its citizens played in promoting the movement’s success. An accompanying collection of over 100 individuals provides a brief description of the national, state, and local leaders and advocates who gave their time, homes, money, and courage in the struggle for equality.

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The Carroll Mansion Museum
Commemorative Ornament




The Carroll Mansion Museum
Commemorative 50th Anniversary History


Even before Ella Carroll deeded her ancestral home to the Leavenworth County Historical Society in 1964 for use as a museum, the house was recognized as historically significant. While built in three stages of different architectural styles, the earliest construction, a simple farm house, took place only four years following the founding of the city of leavenworth in 1854 and before Kansas was admitted as a State in the Union in 1861. Consequently, the structure and the four families who resided here have been witness to most of the history of Leavenworth, First City in Kansas. The year 2015 marks the 50th anniversary of the opening of the Edward Carroll House as a museum, known as the Carroll Mansion, which is owned and operated by the Leavenworth County Historical Society. In 2014, the Society observed their 60th anniversary and 50 years of ownership of the Carroll House. In light of these significant dates, this souvenir book of the Carroll Mansion Museum of Leavenworth is being offered--not only to preserve the history of the Society, the house and its contents, but to foster respect for the integrity of this and other historic properties in Leavenworth which is crucial to their preservation. The book contains nearly 100 pages and many photographs to supplement the history of the house.



Local History Books & Maps

Books Early History of Leavenworth County, 1906 (reprint) by H. Miles Moore
Lincoln in Kansas by Carol Dark Ayres
Celebrating WOMEN of Leavenworth County
Maps Map of the Pony Express Trail (22.5” x 11.5”)
Plan of City of Leavenworth, 1876 by Ado Hunnius (23.5” x 17.5”)
Historical Map of Leavenworth County, Kansas by
       Col. R. William Phillip Pipkin (36” x 24”)

1858 Leavenworth, Kansas
1858 Leavenworth, Kansas Territory
Variety of sizes available
Prints of Old Leavenworth available upon request from the Everhard/Phillips Glass Plate Negative Collection



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