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Carroll Mansion Leavenworth Historical Society membership is open to anyone interested in the preservation of Leavenworth County history.

Members of the society receive free admission to the museum, copies of the newsletter, The Historical Society Gazette, and a 10% discount on purchases at the museum gift shop.


$50 - Subscriber
$75 - Associate
$100 - Citizen
$250 - Contributor
$500 - Supporter
$1,000 - Patron
$2,500.00 - Benefactor
$5,000.00 - Ambassador


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Ways to Support Leavenworth County Historical Society

Carroll Mansion The work of the Leavenworth County Historical Society is integral to the preservation of our unique history in the First City of Kansas. We are ever mindful that it was here the history of Kansas began! The work accomplished over the past 70 years has been due to dedicated volunteers, members, and supporters. With this continued support, it can endure for years to come and be of benefit to our community and all we serve. There are many ways to support the Society in the operation of the Carroll Mansion Museum.

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Direct Online Donations:

Reclaiming History Capital Campaign
Acquisition & care of glass negatives
President's Fund
Future major repairs to the museum
Foundation for the Future
Operating fund for future needs
General Fund
Supports daily upkeep, operations and maintenance of the museum


Volunteer: Tour docent, research, living museum, programs & event planning, vintage homes tour, building & grounds, promotion & press releases.
Museum Gift Shop: All purchases benefit the museum. 10% discount to LCHS members.
____ $50 Subscriber
____ $75 Associate
____ $100 Citizen
____ $250 Contributor
____ $500 Supporter
____ $1,000 Patron
____ $2,500.00 Benefactor
____ $5,000.00 Ambassador
(See above for membership)
Dillon’s Community Rewards Program (Sign up yearly in Jan., using your Dillon’s discount card, designating LCHS as your preferred charity so whenever you shop, they donate a percentage to the museum.)
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Other ways to support the museum:
___ Stock Transfer (with this option you do not pay a capital gains tax)
___ Planned Giving (Bequests, beneficiary designation in will)
___ Memorial Gift honoring a deceased individual
___ In-Kind Donations: great way to promote a business or organization
___ Make a qualified charitable distribution (QCD) from RMD
Delaying or minimizing taxes on RMDs by donating some of your distributions to a qualified charity. Qualified charitable distributions, or QCDs, allow the transfer of money from an IRA to an eligible nonprofit organization. These distributions aren’t taxable but they still count toward satisfying the required minimum distributions for the year.

Call the Carroll Mansion for more information: 913-682-7759
Artifact Donation: (See below for guidelines)
Thank you for your support!



Guidelines for Artifact Donations


Artifact Donation:The museum collects artifacts and documents that illuminate the history of Leavenworth County. If you have artifacts or documents that you believe would add to the area's history, please contact the museum to describe the item(s) you wish to donate.

PLEASE fully describe your proposed donation by including information about its size, condition, content and historical significance.
Please include information such as:
   +What is it?
   +What is its historical significance (Who made it? Who did it belong to? How was it used?)
   +How big is it? (Please provide measured or estimated dimensions in H x w x d)
   +What is its condition (Is it damaged? Is it stained?)

Submit a photograph of the artifact (If possible, please email 1 or 2 images of the item(s) you hope to donate to the Museum)